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Website Upgrades
« on: June 28, 2015, 11:54:17 PM »
The following are the changes we have in mind to improve the main website:

  • Improving upon the shopping links. The vision is to enable users to compare prices from multiple stores for the same game or accessory, giving you the power to decide where you would get the best deal.
  • Creating a Local Shop network by developing a function that allows retailers from all over the world to put up their local inventory for sale. This would be for those of us who wants to support local businesses, and/or get the game the same day, instead of having to wait for a random online seller to ship it in the mail. This would work in a similar fashion to online store locators, where you would put in your zip code or city or origin, and the engine would give you a list of shops in your area, and if any of them have the game you are looking for, complete with ordering and paying functions.
  • Improve upon the user's game libraries (Haves and Wants). The idea is to create a system that allows you to mark a game as Complete In Box, Game Only, Manual Only and also how many copies you own of each. This will allow users who is just missing the manual, to automatically locate other users who only owns the manual. Thus setting up a trade or sale.
  • Creating an auction site, directly tied to the main page. The benefits of this auction site, compared to other sites like ebay and so on, is that every single user of this website would be a gamer, and as such are a dedicated market for buying and selling video games.
  • Tie the "Wanted" in with the auction site, as every member who has set a game as "Wanted" would be alerted as soon as someone puts that particular game up for sale. Needless to say, this should help the seller quickly selling his or her game, but also give the buyer the peace of mind that they would not have to check the site every day to see if someone is selling a game.
  • Also create a "Have it" and "Want it" for achievements and trophies, allowing gamers to quickly locate others for achievement/trophy hunting.
  • Better Genre and Modes layout. These tags help to describe the functions of the game, but are fairly limited as of right now. They are also growing rapidly out of control. In the future, I am hoping that we can rework them so that it would be more intuitive for everyone. The idea is to use these functions to describe the timeperiod the game is set in, the characters involved, the mechanics of the gameplay, how many players, etc. Perhaps changing these to hidden attributes is a better solution.
  • Better search function. This ties in with the Genre and Modes. The idea is that you should be able to search for a game using only descriptors. We've all been there... you can't remember the name of the game, but you remember that it involved knights... and that it was a side-scroller... and that you could level up your characters... and that it might've been for the Super Nintento... or maybe it was the Sega Genesis? This new search function would give you the power to put in exactly the features that you remember, and showcase you all the games that check off those exact boxes, for the systems you have selected.
  • Creating a mobile app for the site.
  • Making the website dynamic, so that users won't get updates about games they are not interested in. This will tie into the user profile and their likes and dislikes.
  • Make the different game details clickable search links. For instance "Genre: Educational" or "Developer: Microsoft". By clicking on these, it will return a search with all the games that belong to Educational or made by Microsoft.
  • A better way to implement links into list items
  • Add a drop down field labeled "Add Section After" categories. Drop box should display all other sections for the game. For instance a user can create a section after Attributes or Game Details. This will enable regular Users to change how the categories are sorted for each game.
  • Add a feature in the sub section content area. Add navigation to move next or previous. Also name the next section, for instance: "Next: War Armor >>". This will enable Users to navigate through a category without having to reopen the category tab.
  • Add a Reviews Tab as a hard coded section. This should function to adding a sub section with each review. Hard code the Reviews to display at the bottom above the authors.
  • Add a feature to edit and delete reviews. This would apply only to the Admins, and the original author of the review. That way you can correct any mistakes you may have made, but also know that others can't change your review while you are not looking.
  • Enabling live streams of games in play from the individual game pages. This could be done with the help of Twitch.
  • Letting users randomly choose a game from their own libraries. This could be used in order to let a player randomly choose a game in their own collection to play.
  • Changing the top right table on the main site to showcase a game that was released on the current date. Basically showing Diablo, for instance, being released "Today in 1996".
  • Have the pictures and screenshots clickable, so that we can have larger images with more details.
  • Making Series clickable links. Making it easier to look at other games in the same series.
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