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Download File
« on: July 22, 2015, 12:15:28 PM »
On October 20, 2009 Apogee released Death Rally as freeware. The downloadable file is an ISO of the MS DOS version of the game.

In order to install and play the game, you would need to have an ISO reader, like ISO Opener or WinRAR installed on your computer. You do not need to burn the image onto a CD-ROM, if you use any of these programs. Simply open the ISO and extract the files.

Now, since this version is only compatible with MS DOS, you either need to have MS DOS installed on your computer, or you can use DOSBox (which I highly recommend). Note that, in both cases, you will need some knowledge of MS DOS.

The last step is to open your newly created folder in DOSBox and install the game using the inst.exe file. You may now play the game in its full glory.