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House of ViGERP Alliance Rules
« on: November 27, 2017, 08:04:47 AM »
House of ViGERP Alliance Rules

While the main goal with any video game is for everyone to just have fun, we do need some rules of conduct to ensure that players don't ruin the game for the others.

1. Respect the other players
The core principle of the Alliance is that everyone just have fun. However, if you enjoy trolling others and/or being a jerk in general, this might not be the Alliance for you. As such you will be kicked out, so that you may have fun elsewhere.

2. Inactivity will get you kicked from the Alliance
One of the major aspects for any alliance is to combine forces and take down massive Titans. This can only be achieved with the help of every teammember. It can get really frustrating for active members to helplessly watch as a major Titan slips through the cracks, due to the inactivity of the other players. As such, any player is subject to the following rules:
Regular Members: 5 days of inactivity
Elders: 10 days of inactivity
Co-Leaders: 15 days of inactivity
Don't worry if you know you can't play for a while (like going on a vacation), just let us know in the game's Team Chat or in this forum. We understand that real life takes priority. The above is guidelines for any member who just suddenly stopped playing without any warning. And depending on your contributions to the Alliance, this time may be expanded upon.

3. Reward System
As you become more active within the Alliance, you will get promoted to Elder and even Co-Leader status. Back in the day you became an Elder when you dealt more damage to a Titan than the Alliance Leader, and a Co-Leader when you hit 1000 Trophies. However, nowadays we follow this guideline:
Elder: 1000 Trophies
Co-Leader: 1500 Trophies
Please note that as the Alliance grows stronger, these requirements may increase. Another note is that you will loose your current rank once you drop below 500 trophies of the requried amount. So you would go from Elder to Member once you have less than 500 trophies, for instance.

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