Author Topic: $65 Original NES complete with AV cable and 1 controller  (Read 337 times)

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$65 Original NES complete with AV cable and 1 controller
« on: January 25, 2018, 04:57:34 PM »
This is the original NES model NES-001. It has been thoroughly cleaned inside and out, and is equipped with the NES-11 CPU. This is the latest CPU made by Nintendo, and typically has a very good anti-piracy filter which means that you won't be able to play any unlicensed games on the console (like and Tengen releases). Because of this I have disabled the 10NES-chip, which is the lockout chip. This bypasses the anti-piracy filter. I am selling the console along with a 9" AV cable and 1 controller. Neither the powerbrick nor the controller are original, but they both work perfectly. There are also some discoloration on the top of the console, and two small chips in the front left and right corners. Everything has been tested and works beautifully.
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