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Empires & Puzzles

Battle through a world of adventure in Empires ...

March 2 2017
Horizon: Zero Dawn

A thousand years from now. Machines roam the la...

February 28 2017
Sniper Elite 4

Italy, World War 2. A Nazi super weapon with th...

February 14 2017

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High speed, big air, full contact racing!

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State of Decay

Absolutely amazing. A must for any fan of zombie s...

By Tom Aaberg
Empires & Puzzles

If you are looking for an easy game to play on the...

By Tom Aaberg
X-COM: Ufo Defense

Even though the game has its flaws, like incredibl...

By Tom Aaberg
Pokémon Go

Everyone who grew up in the 90's knows the story a...

By Tom Aaberg