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Empires & Puzzles

Battle through a world of adventure in Empires ...

March 2 2017
Horizon: Zero Dawn

A thousand years from now. Machines roam the la...

February 28 2017
Sniper Elite 4

Italy, World War 2. A Nazi super weapon with th...

February 14 2017

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By the year 2049, Earth has been turned into a toxic waste dump! Humankind has fled into space leaving behind an army of mechan...

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X-COM: Ufo Defense

Even though the game has its flaws, like incredibl...

By Tom Aaberg
Pokémon Go

Everyone who grew up in the 90's knows the story a...

By Tom Aaberg
Alpha Protocol: The Espionage RPG

Amazing game. Love it

By rashiws
Zombie Army Trilogy

An amazing game. Both the campaign missions, as we...

By Tom Aaberg